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Saint Naamtallah Hardini, a revered figure in the Maronite Catholic Church, was a 19th-century monk and hermit who dedicated his life to God through prayer and contemplation. Though Saint Hardini lived in solitude in the Qadisha Valley, he was a man of great wisdom and deep knowledge, and his reputation as a spiritual guide spread far and wide. Saint Hardini was the teacher of Saint Charbel, who also lived as a hermit and became known for his miracles. Despite his significant influence in the church, Saint Hardini shunned the limelight and did not seek fame or recognition. He remained in the background, quietly devoting himself to God and serving others through his spiritual guidance.

Saint Hardini's profound piety and asceticism have made him an important spiritual figure in the Maronite Catholic Church, and his life and teachings continue to inspire the faithful to this day. Saint Hardini was canonized as a saint by the Maronite Catholic Church in 2004, a recognition of his exceptional holiness and devotion to God. His feast day is celebrated on December 14th. Saint Hardini's humility and devotion, despite his deep knowledge and significant influence, have made him a beloved figure in the Maronite Catholic Church, and his canonization and declaration of sainthood have further cemented his status as a spiritual role model for the faithful.

Clergy and Council

Father/////////////Tony Sharbel Karam

Council Members:

Alia C Abboud

Caroline Salloum

Georges Saber

Jean Khawand

Michel M. Barakat

Nicolas Afeiche

Ramy Azar

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Ascension Mass: Thursday, May 9th at 7:30 PM

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Eucharistic Adoration on the 1st Sunday of every month, immediately following the 10:30 AM Mass.

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The Maronite Catholic Church is a unique and ancient Eastern Catholic Church that is in full communion with the Pope of Rome. It traces its roots back to the Syriac tradition of Antioch, where Saint Maron, a monk and hermit, founded a monastic community in the 4th century. The Maronite have emerged after the Chalcedonian council in 451, as a community that wholeheartedly supported the Christology professed by the council. This dualistic Christology which emphasized Christ’s true divinity and true humanity has profoundly influenced their ministry: a community of confession and martyrdom. The Maronite Catholic Church is distinguished by its rich liturgy, which is celebrated in Syriac-Aramaic, a dialect of the language spoken by Jesus Christ. Its followers are mainly concentrated in Lebanon, where the church has played an important role in shaping the country's cultural and religious identity. The Maronite Catholic Church is known for its deep devotion to the Virgin Mary, as well as its emphasis on monasticism and asceticism. The church has a long and storied history, marked by periods of persecution and political upheaval, but it has remained steadfast in its commitment to the Catholic faith and to the spiritual well-being of its followers. Today, the Maronite Catholic Church continues to thrive, with a vibrant community of faithful who are proud of their unique religious heritage.

Our church welcomes everyone who seeks to deepen their faith and connection to God. We are proud of our Maronite heritage and rich liturgical traditions, which trace back to the Syriac tradition of Antioch. We celebrate our unique identity as an Eastern Catholic Church in full communion with the Pope of Rome, and we welcome those from other Eastern Catholic, Orthodox, and Catholic traditions to join us in worship and fellowship. Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive community that embraces the diversity of our members, and fosters spiritual growth and devotion to God. Through prayer, contemplation, and service to others, we seek to live out the teachings of Saint Naamtallah Hardini and other beloved figures in our tradition, and to inspire all who come through our doors to deepen their relationship with God and one another.


Psalm Sunday, March 24, 2024

The Eparchy of our Lady of Lebanon 2024 priests' retreat

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